• Will Your Startup Crush It?

    Written By Andy Jacob

    CEO, The Jacob Consulting Group

    Andy Jacob's Beautiful Startup Quiz.

  • The Beautiful

    Startup Quiz

    "For best results, please answer the following 11 questions out loud.

    If you have a partner or key employee, have them answer with you.

    Be brutally honest with your answers. The success of your startup could depend on it.

    Thank you, and If you have any questions about your startup business,

    I am here to help."

    Andy Jacob

    Question #1

    Assume you are going to get beat on every facet of your business plan.
    What is your startup's one breathtaking advantage no one can beat?

    ...and don't say you're better, cheaper, faster, stronger, smarter, more passionate, or

    that you have a patent.

    Question #2

    What is your startup doing right now knowing that another

    company is going to copy your idea?

    ...and don't say you're not worried about it, they can't do it, or they won't do it.

    Question #3

    Can you attack the area of your business that you are least sure about,

    or least qualified for?

    ...and don't say you are sure about everything.

    Question #4

    Why is this the team that is going to achieve business domination?

    ...and don't say you are not interested in world domination.

    Question #5

    What is the one thing in your startup right now that

    would be very difficult for another company to achieve?

    ...and don't say your technology.

    Question #6

    What big problem are you solving, who else solves the problem, and what makes your solution better, faster, cheaper, more unique?

    ...and don't say no one else can solve the problem.

    Question #7

    Describe your startup in 10 seconds. Ready. Go.

    ...and don't say you need more than 10 seconds.

    Question #8

    Explain how you acquire customers in 20 seconds or less.

    ...and don't say advertising, social media, or marketing.

    Question #9

    How are you immediately going to get free publicity for your startup?

    ...and don't say SEO, blog posts, or an article on Techcrunch or Mashable.

    Question #10

    Who is your competition and why would they care about you?

    ...and don't say you have none.

    Question #11

    Tell us about your paying customers in 20 seconds or less.

    ...and if you don't have any, why do you think you have a business?

  • Andy Jacob's Startups By The Numbers

    2 People

    The number of people in an average startup.


    Are working on prototypes and beta


    Face development


    Support their startup with savings


    Struggle with
    time issues


    Struggle with


    Will last just
    6 months


    Are pitching or reworking their pitch


    Become successful
    and get it right
  • The Shocking Truth About Startups.

    80%-90% of all Startups Fail.

    30% of Startups Are Disasters

    You have no time. Cash Is Burning Fast

    You are probably so in love with your technology, you forgot about the customers

    You are surrounded by yes-man and women who tell you what you want to hear

    Someone else is most likely working on a project eerily similar to yours.

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  • "This morning, a thousand people woke up with a great idea... 999 of them will forget about it by lunch time."

    Andy Jacob, CEO, The Jacob Group

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  • "Right now...

    The chances are very high that someone else is working on a similar idea...

    It's your strategy and the questions that you ask that will separate you from the pack."

    Andy Jacob, CEO. The Jacob Group


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